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War on Poverty Anniversary

January 17, 2014  by 

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared “unconditional war on poverty in America”. This “War on Poverty” led to the creation of some of our nation’s most important social welfare programs, including Medicare, Medicaid and Head Start. In addition, the Food Stamp program (now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ...

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Make A Difference Today!

December 30, 2013  by 

The current economic climate has left more and more people struggling to make ends meet and relying on emergency food assistance to survive. And without caring friends like you, it would have been impossible

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Make Your Impact on Hunger This Holiday Season

November 26, 2013  by 

Without question, this past year has been one of our most challenging. And without caring friends like you, it would have been impossible. The current economic climate has left more and more people struggling to make ends meet and relying on emergency food assistance to survive. All gifts made from TODAY ...

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Spend some time this summer volunteering!

May 22, 2012  by 

There are a lot of things that come to mind when we think of summer - beaches, boats, hot air and cool water, and of course vacation. For many residents in the area, you're not really living unless you're spending much of the summer "down the shore".  As a non-beach ...

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What We Eat & Why

May 7, 2012  by 

Michelle Obama is concerned with obese children. The Food Network is airing specials about bedraggled mothers who take two buses just to buy overpriced potatoes. The food pyramid has been reinvented so many times, an Egyptian nutritionist wouldn't recognize it. What we eat and why is on the minds of ...

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The Generosity of a Stranger

April 13, 2012  by 

Outside of the Community Food Center, a long line of families and individuals are waiting to stock their shelves with groceries for the week ahead.  The Philabundance Community Food Center is our choice food cupboard that allows the people we serve to choose from available food items rather than receiving ...

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John Arnold, O’the Wilds of West Michigan

March 30, 2012  by 

Last week a dear colleague of mine and visionary for food bankers all over the country finished his life's journey. After facing down cancer for years, John Arnold's suffering ended in the comfort of his home in Michigan with his wife and son. When I met John, he was the irrepressible ...

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Is Anyone Alive Out There?

March 12, 2012  by 

I guess it's possible you're not a Springsteen fan.  Passionate songs about running for our lives at night on them backstreets, about Rosalita jumping a little lighter, about waiting for the badlands to start treating us good, songs like these aren't your thing.  You can do without the three hour ...

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Fooooood Fiiiiiight!!!

February 16, 2012  by 

We all remember the good times of our high school years - algebra class, taking your driver's license exam, being left by your date on prom night, acne.  For two weeks this winter, thousands of Southeastern Pennsylvania's high school students are taking a break from all of that fun and ...

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Help Us Spread the Love!

January 31, 2012  by 

When I was a kid, there was very little a PB&J sandwich couldn't fix. Bad day at school, kids teasing, a low grade on my spelling test - some creamy PB and strawberry J (never grape!) on untoasted white bread was my emotional cure-all, and my mom used it wisely. Here ...

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