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Non-Profits As Businesses

January 19, 2012  by 

Recently, we received a letter from a man that was disappointed that we were operating like "a business" instead of a charity.  He stated that he would be pulling his support from Philabundance and "giving it to a real charity instead."  I was disturbed by his letter and felt frustrated ...

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The Best Way to Fight Hunger

January 6, 2012  by 

Philabundance's Executive Director, Bill Clark, submitted a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, discussing the best way to fight hunger and how every type of donation we receive helps. It was recently picked up and published on January 3, 2012 which explains why the length of this post ...

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From Struggle to Triumph

January 3, 2012  by 

I've been fortunate enough to step from behind my desk to meet AND hear firsthand the incredible stories of the individuals we serve. It's difficult to hear how much people are struggling- after all, at one point, many of them were once well off but due to the recession, ran ...

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The Meaning of 16,000

December 19, 2011  by 

Last year, more than 16,000 volunteers worked with Philabundance to fight hunger.  16,000 is as huge number, but what does it mean to us? 16,000 volunteers means we can feed more people.  The more hands we have helping out at our Hunger Relief Center, the more food we can sort and ...

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True Charity

December 2, 2011  by 

This time of year is my favorite here at Philabundance.  I feel like Santa's Helper when I see the tangible generosity of so many people in the form of donations and food drives.  Today though, I got a letter from someone who had received our mailing that went beyond anything ...

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The Ultimate Hunger Fighters

October 20, 2011  by Evan Post

Hunger Action Month may be officially over, but here at Philabundance, we are fighting hunger all day, every day. That's why every year, we recognize an organization and an individual with the Harvester of Hope award. The Harvester of Hope Award is given by Philabundance in recognition of those individuals ...

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You Are What You Eat

September 21, 2011  by 

We're taking a break from our usual blog contributors to present a blog post from Mari Gallagher, Keynote Speaker for our first Hunger Symposium and expert on food deserts. It's a little longer than our usual blogs but well worth the read. In 1923, long before the rise of McDonald's golden ...

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Mounting Fears in the Golden Years

September 15, 2011  by 

If you're like me, you may be just tuning out the news nowadays when they talk about budget cuts and the economy.  I'm an NPR junkie, and yet I've found myself turning the radio dial to find some mindless music more often than not when the talk turns to Washington, ...

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Food Insecurity Continues to Plague the Delaware Valley

September 12, 2011  by 

On Wednesday, the USDA released its Household Food Security in the United States in 2010 Report, which shows that food insecurity rates have remained at record highs for the last three years.  According to this report, "The percentage of U.S. households that were food insecure remained essentially unchanged from 2009 ...

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What About September?

August 29, 2011  by Russ Reid

Most months of the year seem to have celebrations associated with them. For instance, when you think of October, you probably think of Halloween.  In November, Thanksgiving comes to mind. With December comes thoughts of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, January is the New Year, February has Valentine's Day and so ...

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