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The Scope of Hunger

August 15, 2011  by 

The scope of hunger is a hard concept to really embrace. Sure, there are images that we might immediately think of like homeless children, poverty-stricken single-parent families, and isolated fixed income seniors. With a sincere interest in responding to hunger with a "full plate of services" Philabundance has made an ...

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Driving Hunger Out!

August 3, 2011  by 

Philabundance is an organization setup to feed people. But to feed people, we need to move food to the mouths of those who need it. Our trucks do a good job of ensuring this happens but they don't drive themselves. Behind that wheel is a dedicated driver that canvasses the ...

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Mark Your Calendars: Help Philabundance win a new car July 13th

July 6, 2011  by Evan Post

On July 13th you can do your part to help your community by casting one simple vote. Your vote may help Philabundance win a brand new minivan from Toyota through their 100 Cars for Good campaign. This is an amazing opportunity and we need your help! How does it work? Well, ...

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Philly’s Best

May 26, 2011  by 

I arrived in Philadelphia six months ago, displaced from my beloved Chicago, to work as an Americorps Vista.    Although I have many qualms with this city (dirty streets, lack of appreciation for professional basketball, etc.,) I have been overwhelmingly surprised by the sense of community in Philadelphia. Much of my appreciation ...

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Corporate Generosity

April 11, 2011  by 

Much of the work we do is, in part, driven by the amazing generosity of our corporate partners. Whether they're holding a company-wide food drive, donating funds, or volunteering at our hunger relief center, they always find a way to give back to the neighbors of their communities. They've proven ...

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People amaze me. Continually.

March 31, 2011  by Russ Reid

Last week I received a letter from someone whose compassion, generosity, and motivation to make a difference for those in need in the Delaware Valley really moved me. Jason is a lawyer and father of two young girls. He is also selfless, philanthropic and the kind of partner that Philabundance is ...

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A Day in the Life of Philabundance

March 22, 2011  by 

Most people are completely surprised when I tell them that Philabundance can provide a day's worth of healthy nutritious food for less than $1.50 a day. As the Annual Giving Manager at Philabundance, I get to do two of my favorite things every day---tell amazing stories about the important work ...

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David’s Blog

March 3, 2011  by 

I once met a woman named Miriam who lives in a Mexican squatter’s community—dirt roads, wood pallet houses, bootlegged electricity—and from her front doorway she could see across the border to a mall in the United States where she would watch people shop.   I asked her how she felt about ...

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SNAP Judgments (Guest Blogger)

February 22, 2011  by 

Today nearly one in five Philadelphians will rely on SNAP benefits to feed themselves, and I will be one of them. SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was formerly known as food stamps and although the name has changed, many of the stereotypes of the program and its participants ...

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

February 8, 2011  by 

For as long as I can remember, "peanut butter and jelly" has been an iconic combination - a beautifully matched pair against which all other pairs should be measured. With a little research, I found out that peanut butter was first invented as a health food - an easy to ...

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