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Nathan Volz chef de cuisine of 10 Arts

Cook-up Support for Delaware Valley Families This Summer

July 25, 2013  by Chef Nathan Volz

With summer fun and barbecues in full swing, it can be easy to forget about a key issue we continue to battle in the Philadelphia region – hunger. More than 325,000 children in the Delaware Valley rely on free and reduced meals during the school year. These families need our ...

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Yasmin Roberti

Get out and Glean!

July 2, 2013  by Yasmin Roberti

Gleaning is the practice of gathering leftover crops from a farmer’s field after their first harvest. The term dates back to the Bible, which instructed farmers to leave the corners of their fields unharvested to let “widows and peasants” come through to pick their own crops. Gleaning might be one ...

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Ellen Rogoff

Honor the Women in Your Life by Helping People in Need in Our Area

April 24, 2013  by Ellen Rogoff

All of us have important women in our lives—mothers, spouses, partners, grandmothers and wonderful female friends. This year, the Ceres Society is spearheading a Mother’s Day campaign to honor these special women and also help to end hunger in our community. As Ceres Co-Chair, I hope that you will join ...

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Nathan Volz chef de cuisine of 10 Arts

One Pork Shoulder, Three Dinners

July 12, 2012  by Chef Nathan Volz

The key to a successful trip to the store, or in this case, the Philabundance Community Food Center, is to choose items that offer maximum value and versatility. During a recent trip to Philabundance, the first item that inspired me was pork shoulder. An often overlooked cut of meat, it's ...

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