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The Ceres Society


Ceres (Summer) by Jean-Antoine Watteau c. 1717/1718

Ceres, the Roman goddess of the hearth and harvest, was adored for her maternal spirit and genuine love for mankind.  The Ceres Society is an exclusive group of women who epitomize her generous nature.

These inspirational women harness their collective power and influence to fight hunger through advocacy, action and financial support.  In return for your generosity and dedication, membership in the Ceres Society provides the following benefits:

  • Special volunteer dates and networking events
  • An invitation to the members only Ceres Society Celebration
  • “Insider Updates” on Philabundance’s activities, programs, and hunger advocacy opportunities
  • Certificate of Membership and the Philabundance “Beet Hunger” lapel pin

We ask that members make a gift of $1,000 or more annually.  These gifts are leveraged through a strategic matching grant to create a challenge for the entire community. Through participation in this targeted program, members maximize their impact, and affirm the idea that hunger is unacceptable at all levels.

Please contact Evan Post, Annual Fund Manager, if you are interested in learning more about joining the Ceres Society: 215-339-0900 x1099 or [email protected].

You can join the Ceres Society online by making your gift, here!

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