100 Chester Families Get a Free Meal from Fare & Square

News Source: Daily Times

CHESTER >> Doubling their contributions from last year, the Fare and Square in Chester continues to find new and better ways to help the community it serves.

On Tuesday, 100 families were given a Christmas bounty of free food in appreciation for their patronage to Chester’s own non-profit grocery.

“I want to thank the folk of Chester, Pennsylvania for really, really, really supporting our market,” Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland said in his address. “I shop here, I got my Carrot Cash, yes I do. I don’t shop in Brookhaven, I shop in Chester.”

Members of city council, echoed the sentiment that doing business in Chester, especially at Fare and Square, is good for the city itself.

Councilman William Jacobs took the opportunity to rile up the crowd saying, “The more we shop here at Shop Rite …” to which elicited loud jeers and exclamations of “Fare and Square!”

“It’s simple economics,” he continued, joking aside. “If we can get everyone in Chester to buy a dozen eggs, guess what, they can hire more employees.”

“We don’t have to worry about Donald Trump, we don’t have to wait on Hillary Clinton, we can do it ourselves,” Jacobs said.

Kathy Wesley, a Chester native, said her husband, who typically does the food shopping, always chooses Fare and Square because of their frequent buyers card — the aforementioned “Carrot Card” — and in appreciation for hiring local workers.

“We have a Shop Rite right down the street, but he travels from the East Side of the city to the West,” Wesley said. “He loves it, and he loves the fact that they’re always giving back to the community.”

Wesley was one of 100 residents who entered and won the raffle for the free meal. In the goodie bag contained carrots, oranges, quinoa, potatoes, stuffing, corn, turkey, collard greens and more.

In addition, individual packages by the Soulfull Project, an offshoot of Campbell’s Soup in Camden, N.J., contain whole grain hot cereal that when purchased the company will match it in donation to local food banks.

“We were looking for a way to give back to local communities,” said Chip Heim, the co-founder of The Soulfull Project. “Every serving you buy here it doubles the impact.”

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