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Philabundance Volunteer Finds Friends and Fun in Warehouse

April 28, 2017  by Kali Hamilton

For Philabundance volunteer and Elkins Park resident, Susannah Gale, volunteering at the Hunger Relief Center is a fun and impactful use of time during her gap year between high school and college. Recently, Susannah Gale spoke about her experience with the Philabundance team and why she keeps coming back. Question: How ...

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A Thank You to Volunteers from Kali Hamilton, Philabundance Volunteer Coordinator

April 28, 2017  by Kali Hamilton

For National Volunteer Appreciation Week, Kali Hamilton, Philabudance’s volunteer coordinator, shares some of her favorite memories and the perks of working so closely with our volunteers and hunger heroes. Question: Introduce yourself! Answer: I am Philabundance’s Volunteer Coordinator and have been for over two years! During National Volunteer Appreciation Week this year ...

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Low-Income Philadelphians Graduate Philabundance Culinary Program

April 27, 2017  by Philabundance Digital Media

By Steve Tawa PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mayor Kenney and the staff at Philabundance cheered low-income Philadelphians graduating from a culinary arts training program to help them get jobs in commercial kitchens. Philabundance Community Kitchen director Candace Matthews-Bass congratulated the 11 graduates for making it through the rigorous 14-week training program. “Resonating ‘yes, chef,’ that ...

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Working Single Mom Finds Help At Fresh For All

April 26, 2017  by Philabundance

The past few years have been a whirlwind for Theresa. After the heartbreak of separating from her husband of nearly 30 years, Theresa tragically lost her mother, as well. Through all of this, Theresa remains hopeful. But as a single mother to her three sons, she sometimes struggles to buy ...

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Broccoli and Apples Help A New Jersey Family Grow Healthy and Strong

April 24, 2017  by Philabundance

“When you’re on a fixed income, every dollar counts,” Leticia says. She knows from experience. Leticia has epilepsy, and though she’s a certified nurse’s assistant, she’s not able to work due to her disorder. That means her only income for the past few years has been small disability checks. Making her budget ...

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App That Helps Restaurants Donate Food Gets Attention From NFL Draft Organizers

April 24, 2017  by Philabundance Digital Media

See full story here Beth Lawrence works for Snap Kitchen in Center City. At the end of the day, she says they have several meals they can`t sell because they are close to expiring. "Some day`s we`ll have three or four bags of food, some days we`ll have one or two.' Now, they ...

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A Note from Our Executive Director

April 21, 2017  by Philabundance

Dear Friend, As summer approaches, we begin to think about vacations we might take with our families, visiting friends, or perhaps going down the shore. I know it is a time for my wife and me to reconnect with my grown children who live in three different time zones across the ...

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One Family Sets an Example of Service

April 18, 2017  by Philabundance

Why play a board game or go to the movies when you can spend family night at Philabundance? That’s how Keri Fisher and her husband, Matt Murphy, feel about working in the Philabundance warehouse with their three children Declan, Ronan and Molly. Once a month, they head down to South Philly ...

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Fresh Connect is Bucks County’s latest food distribution initiative

April 17, 2017  by Philabundance Digital Media

By: Tyler Miles It’s no secret low-income families have trouble affording healthy foods, but a new Bucks County food program hopes to make that easier for them. Fresh Connect, a free farmers market-like distribution initiative, will provide people in need with fresh fruits and vegetables. It launches at noon Friday, at the ...

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NRG Energy Plan to Benefit Philabundance – Enroll Today

April 10, 2017  by Philabundance Events

Support Philabundance with the flip of a switch. Choose NRG Home as your electricity supplier, and your electricity usage can support Philabundance and its mission to drive hunger from our communities. NRG will make an initial $50 contribution to Philabundance after one month of service, and will make a 1% annual ...

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