A Bike Raffle to Feed the Hungry

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We had this thought, lets build a bike for charity… Ok, what to do. We are avid listeners of WMMR, the Philadelphia radio station, they do loads of charity projects, so lets work with them. OK, so we contacted them, and they offered to help with some promotion. We then wanted to center on feeding families in need, no it was a no brainer, PHILABUNDANCE was the choice. We aren’t rich, so we asked The Bikers Attorney, Lee Gaber, Esquire for some advise, he not only said he would help, he offered to pay half of the build cost… AWESOME. So we are on a roll. Once the build is finished in late February, we need it to be seen. So lets see, let’s contact Phila’s best sports bar CHICKIES & PETE’S. We did, and they contacted us right back with a thumbs up. The bike will be on display for 9 months at each of their facilities with info available as to how to get a raffle ticket. This bike is going to be stunning folks, for $10 you can’t go wrong & at the same time, you will help to feed a family during Thanksgiving. Details to come. The Players: JOHNNY MAC’S CHOPPER HOUSE, LEE GABER, THE CYCLE ATTORNEY, DRUMMOND CUSTOM AIRBRUSH, 93.3 WMMR, and me, BIKERPICS.ORG / JACKMCINTYREPOHOTO.COM all is support of this wonderful charity PHILABUNDANCE. BELOW, WATCH THE BIKE BE TORN DOWN TO BE SENT TO PAINT.

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