A Front Seat View of Hunger

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on March 31st, 2016

Amanda White Ride Along with Driver Chris

Amanda and Chris pose for a quick photo with the truck. All of our vehicles are generously fueled by Sunoco Inc.


As part of Philabundance’s new member orientation, employees have the opportunity to visit the majority of Philabundance’s innovative programs and initiatives developed since its inception in 1984. One especially unique experience is having the opportunity to “Ride Along” with one of our truck drivers to pick up and deliver food to those in need— which I did!

Chris, one of our 10 drivers, and I, left Philabundance at 6 AM sharp and spent eight hours on the road.

Our first stop was the Produce Interchange, a fully-refrigerated wholesale produce terminal that receives and sells hundreds of truckloads of fresh produce on a weekly basis. We left the interchange with a FULL truck-load of donated produce from just one of the many vendors who generously provided needed food to us. To help fully understand the breadth of that donation, one of our trucks at full capacity holds up to 13,000 pounds of food which translates to the estimated weight as a tyrannosaurus rex! After that, we went back to our Hunger Relief Center to unload then pack and sort the produce for the more than 90,000 people we serve each week.

From there, we visited three Acme supermarkets which are members of our Grocers Against Hunger program which rescues food that would otherwise go to waste. Their food went directly to the last stop on our list, Pente Church of God, one of Philabundance’s 350 agencies. As soon as we pulled up to the church, we were greeted by clients who were excited to both receive donated food for themselves, as well as help unload and share it with their neighbors.

During my Ride Along, I saw a great deal of giving and receiving from both ends of the spectrum. The inspiration I felt from meeting our partners and clients and seeing the impact of our work was just as nourishing as the food we provided. This day confirmed just how lucky I am to work for Philabundance.

Without our eight trucks (fueled by Sunoco!), hard-working drivers and Grocers Against Hunger program, Philabundance would not be able to deliver foods such as fresh produce, frozen foods and canned foods to the families and children who need it the most to help achieve our mission of driving hunger from our communities and ending hunger forever.

If you’re a grocer who is interested in becoming Philabundance’s next Grocer Against Hunger partner, please contact Michael McManiman at

If you’d like to make an impact in the lives of the more than 750,000 people who face hunger in our area today, donate now.

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