A Note from Our Executive Director

Posted by Philabundance on August 11th, 2017

In the Delaware Valley, three quarters of a million neighbors are at risk of going hungry, meaning they lack access to nutritious food on a regular basis. They may go to bed hungry some nights. One third of these individuals are children. This statistic is simply unacceptable.

Research clearly shows that hunger, among other issues stemming from poverty, has a dramatic, negative effect on children, making it impossible for them to fulfill their potential.

Hungry children are sick more often and are more likely to be hospitalized. They suffer from growth and other developmental impairments. They have more social and behavioral problems because they cannot adapt to stressors in their environments. Hungry children are also more likely to suffer from obesity from an early age because of the low quality of food available to them.

With the start of each school year, your gifts to Philabundance allow us to intensify our focus on providing nutritious food for children so they are able to learn. We’re also advocating for government support of education and nutrition programs.

Throughout our region, hundreds of thousands of children receive free school meals. For many families, the return to school five days a week is a small relief from the challenges of providing food for their kids – but it’s not enough.

Child hunger must be eliminated if we are to have a well-educated and healthy population. At Philabundance, we are determined to work with supporters like YOU to make sure our community’s children have enough healthy food to eat. As the school year begins, please remember those children and families who need your help.

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