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When Rene Dacosta began volunteering at the Bridesburg Methodist Church, one of the largest agencies in Philabundance’s network, she never imagined that she’d move from being on the giving end to the receiving end.

This reality hit in October 2009 when Rene received news that she would join the population of fellow unemployed Americans.

As the breadwinner in her family, Rene Dacosta’s income was the source of most of her family’s spending.  The loss of her job meant that she and her family had to rely on her husband’s limited salary and her unemployment checks which were nearing their end-date when Philabundance last spoke to her.

Unfortunately, Rene’s job loss didn’t halt the countless bills that she and her family incurred. In fact, paying those bills often meant the option of nutritional food was compromised. To cope with difficult times, Rene and her family turned to Bridesburg Agency which allowed her to make sure that her family had access to healthy meals.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” said Rene, “even after having my children, I went right back to work. It was the first time I had ever been unemployed.”

Even through hard times, Rene hadn’t given up on helping others that were also struggling. She frequently volunteered at the Bridesburg Methodist Church and saw it as a way to empower her community.

Today, Rene is back to working full time with a commercial real estate company in the Cash Management Department. She enjoys her job and is very happy to be working.
Rene stops by Bridesburg Methodist Church during her lunch breaks to say hello and donate clothes, shoes and household products for those who are struggling to get through a rough patch.

“Bridesburg will always be in my heart,” said Rene. “I am very thankful for everything Philabundance has given me, all of the people I have met and the opportunities that were available to help my family.”