A Struggling Parent Says Thank You

Posted by Philabundance on May 25th, 2016

David-isiah_2Summer will be here before we know it, and siblings David, Isiah and Yamelette will be out of class for three months. When the last school bell rings, these kids will be worried.

Like many of their classmates, David, Isiah and Yamelette rely on the school meal program for breakfast and lunch every weekday. But with the cafeteria closed, these meals won’t be available.

Although their parents both have jobs, they’ve had some financial struggles that have made it hard to afford enough food on a regular basis. This has become more of a problem as their dad’s diabetes has caused him to need dialysis, which has meant missing some of his shifts at work.

“(My managers) don’t like it when you can’t work,” the children’s father, David, says.

Because he has no one else he can to turn to for help, David has begun coming with his children to the KidsBites food distribution at Lowell Elementary. Through this Philabundance program, David can pick up healthy fruits and veggies every other Thursday. He’ll continue to do so during the summer since the program will keep running even when the school is closed for the long break.

David doesn’t know what he’d do without your support of programs like KidsBites. As a parent, it’s such a relief to be able to feed his children.

But David’s children aren’t the only kids you’re helping. By supporting Philabundance and KidBites, you’re ensuring that thousands of boys and girls have enough to eat now and all summer long.

“It’s good what you’re doing,” David, says. “Thank you!”


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