Villanova Kids Donate $100 from Their Lemonade Stand

News Source: Radnor Patch


Five children from Villanova have successfully made a lemonade stand. Their names are Ava Stone (10), Ceci Massaua (8), Ellie Davis (8), Sean Stone (8), and Tommy Massaua (6).

Some kids get really bored in the summer and some kids waste their time playing video games. But these five kids decided to make the world a better place by starting a lemonade stand and donating $100 to Philabundance, a hunger relief organization.

They started their stand on the last day of school, June 14, 2013, and they reached their $100 goal on July 17, 2013. They plan to keep going.

They got customers just by people on the street. Their customers were very generous and gave tips when they learned that the proceeds would go to help the hungry in our community. They were reportedly, very satisfied with the lemonade.

When asked how he liked selling lemonade, Sean Stone said, “It was AWESOME!”

Ava Stone said, “It was amazing to come together as neighbors and to do something fun and nice for the community.”

Ellie Davis said, “Now, I think we should raise 100 dollars for another charity.”

Ceci Massaua said, “I like that idea too.”

Tommy Massaua said, “I enjoyed collecting and donating the money that the customers gave us.

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