Broccoli and Apples Help A New Jersey Family Grow Healthy and Strong

Posted by Philabundance on April 24th, 2017

“When you’re on a fixed income, every dollar counts,” Leticia says.

She knows from experience. Leticia has epilepsy, and though she’s a certified nurse’s assistant, she’s not able to work due to her disorder. That means her only income for the past few years has been small disability checks.

Making her budget stretch to provide for her children, ages 3 to 14, is often a struggle. Leticia cuts expenses where she can, but ensuring the kids have access to good nutrition is important to her. Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables strengthen her own health, too, but are usually too expensive to afford.

Fortunately, Leticia and two of her little ones — Janaya, 5, and Octavia, 3 — visit one of the weekly Philabundance Fresh For All locations near her home in Glassboro, NJ. She visits the distributions, set up like farmers markets, regularly so she can provide balanced meals for her family. Janaya and Octavia are thrilled to be able to pick up two of their favorite foods at the Fresh For All: broccoli and apples.

When school lets out for summer in June — and the meal programs on which so many kids like Leticia’s depend come to an end — the family will rely on the Fresh For All near their home more heavily.

Janaya, Octavia and their older siblings are all bright, active kids with a lot of energy. Leticia says they’re good about eating their vegetables, and it’s a comfort to her to know they have the nutritious food they need to thrive.

“We appreciate your support because it helps us to maintain our grocery budget,” she says to friends like you. “A lot of people need that little bit of extra help.”

A passionate advocate for health and family, Leticia volunteers with the Glassboro Family Success Center and hosts events encouraging Glassboro families to be active and embrace the outdoors. She hopes to someday start her own nonprofit focused on preparing children for high school, college and the workforce.

Neighbors like Leticia are making our community a better place to call home — and friends like you are fueling her efforts with quality food. Thank you!

One dollar provides two meals to families in need. Give now.

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