Letter from Glenn

Posted by Philabundance on March 1st, 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already well underway! I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for your support this past holiday season. Thanks to generous friends like you, families throughout the Delaware Valley were able to celebrate the holidays together around an abundant table. During the winter months, we turn our attention to the needs of senior citizens and others living on fixed incomes. After decades of work, life and countless contributions to our society, older adults should be able to relax and enjoy their golden years. But health issues, costly medications and other expenses — like ...

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Your Partnership is Changing Local Lives for the Better

Posted by Philabundance on March 1st, 2017

“It’s truly a blessing,” Henry says of the Philabundance member agency,  Bristol Borough Community Action Group, Inc. “We can’t get out because of my condition... it’s a big help.” While serving our country in Iraq, Henry was wounded twice in the line of duty and received a Purple Heart. As a result of his injuries, Henry now has paralysis on his right side and uses a wheelchair. With limited mobility, a small fixed income and two teenagers — Tiffany and Yasir — he was struggling to afford his monthly expenses. Fortunately, Henry was connected with help and hope when he needed them most. ...

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Volunteer to Help Feed Hungry Kids

Posted by Stefanie Arck on February 21st, 2017

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is located in Philadelphia’s first congressional district, where 25% of children are food-insecure. Kids often come in for doctor’s appointments hungry, which is exacerbated by wait times. Those with appointments during the school year are likely to miss at least one of the free meals they receive at school.  To help alleviate this problem, Philabundance is expanding our successful KidsBites Lunchbox program to include distributions at St. Christopher’s. Beginning in February 2017, the program will provide meals to patients, and their siblings, at the St. Chris Center for the Urban Child (CUC). Kids under 18 years of ...

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For the Fisher-Murphy Household, Volunteering is a Family Affair

Posted by Kali Hamilton on February 17th, 2017

Written by Michael Schaffer It isn’t exactly family board game night or movie night, but volunteering at Philabundance is definitely a family event for Keri Fisher, her husband Matt Murphy and their three kids. Four or five times a year, Keri, Matt and their offspring – Declan Murphy, 12; Ronan Murphy, 10, and Molly Murphy, 8 – head to South Philly from their home in Bryn Mawr  to work a shift at the Philabundance warehouse in South Philly. Recently, Keri talked about the importance of Philabundance to her family. Question: How do the kids like volunteering at Philabundance? Answer: They love it.  I think it’s ...

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From Homeless to Business Owner Thanks to PCK

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on February 1st, 2017

Amanda Dobbs’ life was never stable: she was raised by a single mother on welfare; her family was constantly moving; and when her mom was in a severe car crash, Amanda had to care for her family at nine years old. Throughout her life, Amanda battled with depression. For a period of time, she was institutionalized for depression and lost her home after being unable to pay rent with her husband. But cooking changed everything. Through a friend of a friend, Amanda learned about Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK), a 14-week adult culinary arts vocational training program that promotes the self-sufficiency of low-income ...

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2016 Hunger Fighting Highlights YOU Made Possible (Infographic)

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on January 31st, 2017

2016 was a fantastic year thanks to YOU. We look forward to working together towards an even better one for 2017 – learn how you can help.

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Philabundance’s Jose Vargas on Service with a Smile

Posted by Stefanie Arck on December 22nd, 2016

Meet Jose Vargas, coordinator of Fresh for All – our free farmer’s market – and one of the friendliest faces a volunteer could encounter at Philabundance. How did you get started at Philabundance? I started as a Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK) student in 2001. After graduating the program, I was offered a full time position at PCK. So my first time here was 5-6 years working as the staff cook supervisor and I was also supervising the mass meal production with about 5 guys. I came back to Philabundance in 2011 to work at the Community Food Center, a food pantry Philabundance ...

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Hunger Hits Montgomery County

Posted by Stefanie Arck on December 7th, 2016

“When you don't have much money, you can't get much, including the fruits and vegetables you need.” Barb Grote, 52. In the far reaches of Montgomery County bordering Bucks County, where new housing developments meet hundred year old farms, you’ll find the picturesque borough of Souderton where people pick fresh fruit off of their trees and sell it on their front lawn to passing travelers. Ironically, while some pick fruit, others don’t have any; Beyond the rolling green hills and corn fields, there’s a well-kept secret: hunger. Philabundance’s Fresh For All program is a travelling farmer’s market which sets up at the ...

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Advocacy Action Now: PA’s Government Fights Hunger, But More Can Be Done

Posted by Stefanie Arck on November 22nd, 2016

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has one budget line item which specifically aims to reduce hunger for the 1 in 7 Pennsylvanians who are food insecure. This budget line item includes two programs — the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP) and the Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System (PASS). This year, we are advocating for $21 million for SFPP and $5 million for PASS in the FY17-18 budget. While this may seem like a lot of money, it is a mere drop in the bucket that is Pennsylvania’s $31.5 billion budget. Learn more about these programs below, and then TAKE ACTION by signing ...

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Why We Advocate

Posted by Stefanie Arck on November 17th, 2016

Written by: Emma Kornetsky, Government Relations Associate Theresa’s job as an EMT doesn’t cover it all her bills. Joe’s social security benefits are never quite enough. Letitia is a single mom with epilepsy, making it difficult to work. These individuals rely on Philabundance for support each week and they were also kind enough, and strong enough, to share their personal stories. While the specific circumstances that led each of them to seek help from a Philabundance Member Agency or program are different, the simple truth is none of them have enough money – not from their income and not from government benefits ...

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