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Leon Zanken, Fresh For All Client

In the blink of an eye, unforeseen circumstances can impact someone’s life forever. Leon Zanken, a New Jersey resident, experienced that reality firsthand after a debilitating motorcycle accident left him permanently


LaKesha Logan, Fare & Square Shopper

With an unemployment rate nearly twice the national average, Chester is one of the hungriest places in America. With the September opening of Fare & Square, Philabundance is helping change that.


Paula Thomason, Fresh For All Client

When you think of Haddonfield in Camden County, you may think wealthy suburb, but 4-percent of the town’s population lives in poverty. Not so long ago, Paula Thomason was married.


Lori Klopp, Agency Client

Lori, a mother of 2 young girls, says times are so tough, she and her husband have gone without food so that their children can eat. Things changed drastically recently.


Irene Bartow, CSFP Client

Meet Irene Bartow, a Bucks County senior citizen who can’t afford to buy the food she needs to survive. 70-year-old Irene Bartow worked all of her life as a bookkeeper.


Helen Carrafa, Fresh For All Client

Helen Carrafa’s high spirits have gained her the reputation among her friends as “Happy, Hugging Helen.” One would never guess by the smile on her face that this Pennsville, N.J.


Joe Mitsouras, Fresh For All Client

Joe Mitsouras has a lot on his plate. He and his wife, Melinda, have six kids which keeps their schedule very busy. Melinda is studying hard to excel in graduate


Sholanda Purdy, Philabundance Community Kitchen Graduate

Cooking professionally was never something that Shalonda Purdy grew up wanting to do. Cooking was something she did at home for her family; it was natural to her, but never


Louis Valchez, Philabundance Community Kitchen Graduate

Louis Valchez has turned his life around. When he was younger, Louis was on a bad path. He could have ended up in jail, or even worse, dead. Instead, the


Phillip Yost, Agency Client

When Philip Yost was younger, he struggled with a prescription drug addiction. He worked hard to get clean, and was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman whom he married.

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