Donation Designs Raises 2,000 Meals+

A screenshot of Andrea's designs on

Andrea Mulford decided to use her handmade jewelry business with one goal in mind- to benefit organizations like Philabundance. Right at the height of the holiday season, she encouraged her customers to purchase beautifully designed handmade jewelry for the holidays that she sold on Etsy, upon which 75% of proceeds would come to Philabundance. Her determination to help those in need paid off! In just weeks, she had collected more than $1,000, that’s more than 2,000 meals for those in need. Read her testimonial below:

During these very difficult economic times, my family continues to be extremely fortunate and blessed. My husband and I work full-time demanding jobs and have two small children  (ages 4 and 11 months). Although our life feels a little crazy most of the time (how could it not??), we both have great jobs, healthy kids, and everything we need and more. I know how lucky we are — and really, so much of it is luck, isn’t it? We try to make meaningful charitable donations, and as I continued to learn more about how many more people than ever before depend on organizations like Philabundance to feed their families, I knew I wanted to make not just a financial contribution but a personal one as well. For me, that meant connecting something I love to do — creating art and jewelry – to the cause. I used to sell hand-made jewelry in my “spare” time before my kids were born, so I relaunched my website with the sole objective to raise money for charities like Philabundance. I called my new effort “Donation Designs”. To take advantage of the Christmas shopping season, I kicked off my fundraising right after Thanksgiving. Within just four weeks, I raised over $1000. Although I won’t be able to devote as much time to promoting my site, I plan to continue my initiative in 2012. When my kids are a little older and I can spare more time, I envision a larger effort, potentially with soliciting artistic contributions from other jewelry artisans, but for now, I’m proud of the difference my small effort made — more than 2000 meals provided to people in need. Hunger doesn’t end with Christmas shopping. Want to make a difference? Come visit me at


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