Driving Hunger Out!

Posted by on August 3rd, 2011

Warren Green Sr. behind the wheel of the Philabundance truck

Philabundance is an organization setup to feed people. But to feed people, we need to move food to the mouths of those who need it. Our trucks do a good job of ensuring this happens but they don’t drive themselves. Behind that wheel is a dedicated driver that canvasses the Delaware Valley to make sure 65,000+ people per week have food to eat.

When I heard 9 year veteran driver of Philabundance, Warren Green Sr., would be retiring, I couldn’t give up the opportunity to hear his story. I thought, a man with that many miles on his tires has to have a story. And I was right.

The happily married father of 8 previously worked as a Greyhound driver before joining Philabundance. Although his career as a driver for Greyhound brought him financial security, the long hours and countless days of not seeing his family weighed heavy on him.

When his late daughter, Nyran, who had been born with a birth deficiency, Cerebral Palsy, began to need more care, Green realized that he needed to break away from the demanding lifestyle of a Greyhound Driver.

For one year after leaving Greyhound, Green and his wife struggled to provide for their family as he worked odd jobs and sold valuables like his car to make ends meet. Although money wasn’t easy to come by, the added time allowed him to provide his daughter with much needed care.

In that same year, Green would lose his daughter but he would forever appreciate the time he was able to spend with her.

Not too long after, Warren would meet his future at Philabundance. His own experiences with struggle allowed him to relate to the adversities of our clients. And as the face that greeted them day in and day out, Green gave our clients hope.

Warren Green Sr. with his eldest son, Warren Green Jr., also employed by Philabundance

Hoping to provide his eldest son, Warren Green Jr., the same opportunity at making a difference, Green encouraged that he work for Philabundance. Today, his son is an associate in our repack department.

Currently Green is retired but works part-time in our transportation department and we love every minute of having him around.

On behalf of the many lives he’s touched, we tip our hats to Warren Green Sr. for his compassion and dedication!

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