Our bold, new partnership strategy offers food plus critical services to provide clients self-sufficiency

700,000 people in our area face hunger every day.

For 35 years, Philabundance has provided emergency food to those in need. But it’s not enough; despite receiving food, individuals and families still may go to bed not knowing where their next meal will come from, or if they’ll have one at all.

Our new strategy, called Ending Hunger. For Good., seeks to provide emergency food AND long-term food security. We’ll do this through collaboration with organizations offering food plus other services.



Research by Feeding America, a network of top-performing food banks in the U.S., shows that those with some financial stability have the best chance of becoming food secure. Issues impacting stability include health crises, a cut in work hours, and emergency car repairs, among others. By collaborating to provide food plus a critical life services, including education, financial literacy, health services, housing and/or job assistance, Philabundance, along with “connector” agencies, aims to end the cycle of no-win decisions: Do I buy food or medicine? Heat or eat? Pay for lunch or a bus pass?


To test this theory, Philabundance, with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery and Delaware Counties and the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, began a pilot program in February 2019, providing food, financial literacy coaching and case management, to help improve other issues, including housing challenges. To date, 7 families have committed to the pilot, which has been generously funded by the HealthSpark Foundation.


Philabundance is pursuing additional connector partnerships, and expects to hold 2-3 more pilots in 2019, at least one of which will be in Philadelphia, where 1 in 5 people faces hunger. One pilot will be through Philabundance Community Kitchen, our 14-week culinary arts job training program, which has always focused on providing its students stability.

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Agencies, funders or partners who are interested in supporting this work can reach out to EndingHunger@Philabundance.org

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Want to learn more about our Ending Hunger. For Good. efforts?  Read about them in some of the news clippings below.  Thank you to the numerous news outlets who covered our work.


Our Ending Hunger. For Good. work is being developed through Philabundance’s participation in The Pew Fund Evaluation Capacity Building Initiative (ECBI). The purpose of the program is to assess and strengthen the impact of services on the region’s most vulnerable residents. Through group learning sessions and individualized coaching provided by ImpactED, the 15-month program is providing Philabundance training and assistance in monitoring ongoing progress, using data to inform practices and evaluating results to determine whether goals are being met and how to make improvements.

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