Families Can Feed Their Kids, Thanks to You!

Posted by Philabundance on August 15th, 2017

Rich, like many of us, was taught that going to college would be the path to a better life. But long after completing his degree, he and his partner, Allison, have still found it difficult to afford their most basic expenses, like rent and food.

The couple has three children – Bridgett, 2, Danny, 3, and Cecilia, 5. To avoid the additional cost of childcare, Rich works weekdays at a telecommunications job while Allison works retail on weekends. It’s not the ideal schedule for any family, but Rich and Allison feel it’s the best way to balance their financial obligations with their responsibilities as parents.

When Cecilia goes to school this fall, she’ll get to eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. These meals will be a relief to Rich and Allison, but if their situation doesn’t change, they’ll still struggle to provide evening and weekend meals for their children.

Earlier this year, Rich and Allison found a solution for times when money is tight and their kitchen cupboards are bare – the Fresh Connect free produce market at Bucks County Community College (BCCC). This new Philabundance partnership with Bucks County Opportunity Council, Rolling Harvest Food Rescue and St. Mary Medical Center is funded through the generous support of United Way of Bucks County and distributes fresh produce from Philabundance with the help of generous donors like you.

On one of their visits this summer, the family took home several of their favorite foods, including baby carrots and grape tomatoes. The fresh produce was greatly appreciated since it can often be too expensive.

The benefits of resources like the distribution at BCCC are more than Rich and Allison can count. Above all, they know that because of you, Cecilia is guaranteed to have the energy to succeed in school, and they couldn’t be more grateful to you.

“You’re really helping working families,” Rich and Allison said. “[You help] alleviate the stress of meeting obligations and making sure the kids are healthy.”

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