Fashion Vs. Food: How One Family’s Back-to-School Shopping Trip Provided 375 Meals

Posted by on September 25th, 2012

How many families would $187.50 feed?  Recently my teenage son and I were looking at back to school clothes.  He saw a pair of designer pants that cost $187.50 and said that he “really” wanted them for the first day of school.

I was appalled. With families and individuals who are struggling to put food on their table, we sat down to talk about what this amount represented to those that don’t have a way to feed their children or themselves some days.

When Alicia K. recently came out to support a Philabundance event, she also gave us her generous back-to-school donation.

Just this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released figures for those without enough food to eat as well as their ability to afford nutritious foods.

Reports from the study show that 14.9% of households were food insecure, having difficulty at some time during the year providing enough food for all their members due to a lack of resources.

Significantly, 10% of households with children were food insecure.  At times, these households were unable to provide adequate, nutritious food for their children.

So, what did my son and I do?  We sat down and talked about how we could put his interest in buying an outrageously expensive pair of designer pants to something that really mattered. Instead of purchasing the name brand pants (which was certainly out of the question anyway), we would donate $187.50 to Philabundance and directly improve the lives of individuals and families struggling to eat.  Sure, it may be fun to wear something special but with so many families barely getting by – good old-fashioned jeans will do the trick!

You don’t have to donate $187.50 – but maybe you can join us and forgo buying something that you really don’t need and instead write out a check to Philabundance for something that others really need – food!

Fashion vs. Food?  Food it is… Philabundance!


Alicia K. is a staunch supporter of charities that make a direct impact on the lives of others.  She works for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer and has volunteered for Philabundance with her Performance Fitness Bootcamp buddies.  She and her family are eagerly looking forward to their next “volunteer shift” at Philabundance this week. 
Alicia strives to live by the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
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