Fighting SNAP Cuts, Every Step Along the Way

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on June 16th, 2017

Just a few weeks ago, we released this statement about President Trump’s extreme proposal to cut SNAP (food stamps) by over 25% and the harm that would cause. Now Congress is working on its version of the budget, and, unfortunately, we have reason to be concerned that SNAP is at risk. In the last few years, Congress has put forth budget proposals with cuts similar to those proposed by the President time and time again, so we are very concerned that SNAP is still on the chopping block, and will continue to be on the chopping block over and over.

Making sure that everyone has enough to eat has always been something that we can all agree on – has something changed? We must fight every step along the way to make sure that SNAP continues to be there for people when they go through hard times.


Did You Know?

  • 2/3 of SNAP participants are children, seniors, or people with disabilities
  • More than 44% of SNAP recipients are in households with a working member
  • The average person is on SNAP for only 7-9 months
  • Research shows that kids who receive SNAP are more likely to graduate high school, and be healthy and financially successful as adults
  • $5 in SNAP generates $9 in economic activity
  • SNAP benefits average ~$1.40 per person per meal


SNAP needs to be strengthened and improved, not cut. It’s time for Congress to show us we can trust that they are committed to a hunger free nation.

Take action today by telling your Representative to fight back against any attempts to cut federal nutrition programs like SNAP.


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