Food For the Less Fortunate

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These seniors who live in low-income housing in New Jersey will be having a happy Thanksgiving courtesy of the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Falynn Milligan, Food Bank of South Jersey: “They get turkey, stuffing, mac & cheese, everything. We want them to have the same dinner I’m having. We don’t want them to eat less just because they’re less fortunate.”

But unfortunately, many people would go without these staples, especially at this time of year, if there wasn’t a helping hand.

Falynn Milligan, Food Bank of South Jersey: “The working poor these last two months, it really pinches them to feed their family and provide holiday gifts and large feasts. so we really need donations now because we have tons of people still in need.”

That’s why newly-elected US senator from New Jersey Cory Booker paid a visit to the Food Bank of South Jersey’s facility today, to highlight the unselfish work they do and pitch in with a little service himself.

Sen. Cory Booker, (D) New Jersey: “We can not allow our inability to do everything to undermine our determination to do something. And if everyone in our state did just something more than they did last year, we could completely undermine issues of poverty, hunger, food insecurity that have been getting worse the last few years, not better.”

The story is much of the same at Philabundance food bank in nearby Philadelphia.

Volunteers have been working nearly non-stop to get the basics boxed up and on their way to food pantries and distribution centers around Philadelphia and its many suburbs, especially in the last month.

Marlo DelSordo, Philabundance: “On November 1st, the SNAP cuts to food stamps program went into effect because the stimulus expiration. This is the largest cut to food stamps to hit all participants in history.”

So they need it now and food banks nationwide are committed to meeting the need.

Marlo DelSordo, Philabundance: “We wanna make sure with this growing need we have enough food to keep the shelves stocked and the refrigerators and freezers

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