Food pantries offer help for seniors in need

By Kathleen E. Carey
Delco Times

Each month, Rosalie Gogos, an 80-year-old Glenolden widow, receives a 40-pound box filled with cereal, juice, canned fruit and vegetables and other food items to help when her income runs short.

“It makes quite a bit of difference because I do get food stamps,” she said. “The box is very, very good. This does help me out very much.”

Gogos picks up her box at the Loaves and Fishes food pantry in Propsect Park through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program administered by Philabundance, which is hoping to reach more people like her having secured funding to assist 18,045 more seniors as long as they register by April 23 by calling 1-800-319-Food (3663).

Seniors must meet income eligibility guidelines, such as a maximum annual salary of $14,079 for a one-person household or $18,941 for a two-member one.

Once seniors sign up, they are qualified to receive a box on a monthly basis until the program’s funding has expired, according to Marlo DelSordo, Philabudance’s director of marketing and communications.

Last year, Philabundance provided 43,476 senior boxes to 3,623 throughout the Delaware Valley and expects to provide 8,800 seniors with 74,538 boxes this year.

For someone like Gogos, these boxes are a huge relief.

The heart bypass recipient sorted through her food as she recalled her late husband or her family’s assistance when he died in 1973.

“Sometimes, you get spaghetti sauce,” Gogos said. “For a while whenever they gave me stewed tomatoes, I would make my own.”

She particularly likes the two-pound block of cheese that’s included, but she also enjoys the bran or corn flakes, the applesauce or peaches, as well as the apple or orange juice.

“It is quite a good help,” Gogos said of her monthly box. “It’s wonderful. It’s really very, very helpful.”

Seniors must register for a Commodity Supplemental Food Program Senior Box by April 23 by calling Philabundance at 1-800-319-Food (3663).

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