For the Fisher-Murphy Household, Volunteering is a Family Affair

Posted by Kali Hamilton on February 17th, 2017

Written by Michael Schaffer

It isn’t exactly family board game night or movie night, but volunteering at Philabundance is definitely a family event for Keri Fisher, her husband Matt Murphy and their three kids. Four or five times a year, Keri, Matt and their offspring – Declan Murphy, 12; Ronan Murphy, 10, and Molly Murphy, 8 – head to South Philly from their home in Bryn Mawr  to work a shift at the Philabundance warehouse in South Philly. Recently, Keri talked about the importance of Philabundance to her family.

Question: How do the kids like volunteering at Philabundance?

Answer: They love it.  I think it’s great for them. They have fun being in the warehouse and doing grown-up things, and I think they feel good about what they’re doing.  The family nights are great because it’s fun for the kids. My daughter, especially, has kind of fallen in love with Kali [Hamilton], the volunteer coordinator, and she loves to hang out with her. As the kids get older, they’ll be able to do more. I think that will be rewarding for them.

Q: What other kinds of work would you like the family to do for Philabundance?

A: I would like at some point to get the kids more out in the community, to do maybe a gleaning or to do one of the markets that Philabundance does (Fresh For All). I think it would connect them more. They are a little bit removed from it, being in the warehouse, but I think it did partly inspire my younger son, who is really into helping homeless people. For his bar mitzvah project, he wants to deliver food to homeless people.

Q:  How did you come up with the idea of volunteering as a family?

A: We originally started looking into it around Hanukkah a few years ago. We wanted to do a night dedicated to tzedakah, or giving back, so I looked into Philabundance. I wasn’t able to get us into a shift for a couple of months, so I think we started in February. I just thought it was important for the kids to give back. We’re not very well off or anything, but we’re certainly comfortable and we have what we need. I think they should feel fortunate, and I think they do. It’s important to give to others.

Q: What do you folks do for a living?

A: My husband is a project manager  for a real estate company,  a development company, and I work for a non-profit. It’s called the Careers through Culinary Arts Program, or C-CAP.   We work with inner-city high school culinary students.

Q:  Is there else you’d like to share about volunteering for Philabundance?

A: I think Philabundance is a great organization and I’m very happy to be a part of it.

To volunteer, sign up for a shift here.

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