From Struggle to Triumph

Posted by on January 3rd, 2012

I’ve been fortunate enough to step from behind my desk to meet AND hear firsthand the incredible stories of the individuals we serve. It’s difficult to hear how much people are struggling- after all, at one point, many of them were once well off but due to the recession, ran into tough times. But every now and then, someone’s story of struggle transforms into a story of triumph and that’s the most fulfilling part of it all.

After Scott lost his job as a music teacher, he and his wife, Carlea didn’t know how they’d make ends meet. Philabundance’s Fresh for All program helped the couple supplement their means to put food on the table. Shortly after their story aired on 6abc, Scott was offered employment as a school teacher for the People for People charter school in the Philadelphia School District. Today, Scott says, “we’re right back to where we were before times got hard.”

As the breadwinner in her household, Rene Dacosta’s income was the source of most of her family’s spending.  The loss of her job meant that they would now rely on her husband’s limited salary and her unemployment checks which were nearing their end-date. Today, Rene is back to working full time with a commercial real estate company in the Cash Management Department. She enjoys her job and is very happy to be working. Read more about Rene.

Without supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to witness such great happy endings like that of Scott & Carlea, and  Renee. We hope you continue to find new ways to get involved to help inspire more stories like theirs.

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