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Back to school is an exciting time of year for many students – the hot summer days are behind us, and the beauty of the changing leaves lies just ahead. Most students come back refreshed from their summer vacation and ready to learn new things. For some children, back to school also means they are going to get meals more regularly.

Sadly, many children in our region are going back too hungry to focus on their school work. Luckily, they can often rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to keep hunger at bay. Additionally, initiatives like Philabundance’s KidsBites help local families keep nutritious meals on the table at dinnertime and on the weekends too. The students we serve have learned and experienced the value of eating their fruits and vegetables, and have even grown to enjoy them!

In order to keep young active minds sharp and focused, it is essential to fuel them with nutritious meals so that they have the energy to keep going. Research proves that having a belly full of healthy, fresh foods improves student’s performance, memory, and even school attendance.  That’s why we created KidsBites, a Philabundance initiative to serve nutritious foods for children and their families.

Watch the video below to learn how hunger is affecting the children in our community, and how Philabundance is working with local schools to keep students happy and healthy!