Slice out hunger in our community.

Philabundance is excited to partner with Ben Berman to continue the spirit and good work of Good Pizza.

About Good Pizza

Inspired by a homemade recipe – created by Berman who cooked up 20 pies each week while earning his MBA from Wharton, Philabundance will share an open call each week for people to sign up for a chance to get a Good Pizza.

Your bid and donation help provide meals for the communities we serve and the organizations we partner with.



How it works

Every week, there will be 20 opportunities for you to take home a Good Pizza.

Drawing Opens: Thursdays at 10am
Drawing Closes: Mondays at 10am
Winners Contacted: Mondays by Noon
Enjoy! Wednesdays at Dinnertime

Philabundance will deliver pizzas within the City of Philadelphia on Wednesdays, between 5–7 pm. Non-residents or those who prefer can also pick up their pizza here: Philabundance Community Kitchen, 2224 N. 10th Street, between 5-6 pm on Wednesdays.

Enter Now

About Ben

Good Pizza was founded by Ben Berman, a graduate student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. When the pandemic hit Philadelphia in March of 2020, Ben had a big batch of pizza dough that he was planning to make for a get together with friends. After realizing that large gatherings probably weren’t the best idea, Ben needed a plan to get rid of all that dough…

And that’s how Good Pizza was born!

Ben went on to create a pizza lottery system that quickly became very popular and brought in nationwide media attention. And to top it off, Ben chose to donate proceeds from the pizza drops to benefit local organizations.

Philabundance was one of those organizations, and a valuable partnership was born. Because of our work combatting hunger and providing healthy food to our neighbors in need, Ben knew that Philabundance would be the perfect place to continue the good work he had started.

Now a Philabundance initiative, Good Pizza operates as part of the Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK), providing free pizzas to raise money for Philabundance’s work combatting hunger in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Contributions made to Good Pizza at Philabundance go directly to programs that provide meals to individuals and families in need, while the Good Pizza program also offers exciting learning opportunities for our PCK students.

“I’m proud now to turn over the leadership of Good Pizza to an organization that I know will make it grow and thrive.” - Ben Berman, founder of Good Pizza PHL

Our Thanks

We are so thankful to have some incredible donors already helping to support this initiative.

Hormel 500 pounds of pepperoni
King Arthur Flour for 1 year and a $20,000 donation
Cabot Mozzarella cheese
Lloyd Pans 3 pans and 3 for 50% off


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pizza the same that Ben made? The Philabundance Community Kitchen staff were inspired by the incredible pizzas Ben made in his apartment. The team made some minor modifications to ensure the best product could be made in the ovens in our kitchen.

Are the Philabundance Community Kitchen students making the pizzas? The Philabundance Community Kitchen has two sides to the work. We have a 16-week job training program that has been operating for over 20 years. We also have an incredible production kitchen who are making meals for the community each day. Both sides of this program will work together to make these pizzas ensuring the students can learn from this endeavor and that we can ensure the product is delicious each and every time.