Guest Post from Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine: “This is a Crisis that needs support NOW.”

Posted by on October 26th, 2012


Yesterday we released a difficult, yet urgent call to the public: Philabundance is currently experiencing a critical dry food shortage, and we need your help now more than ever as we try to meet the needs of this growing demand.

The response was overwhelming as we received immediate donations from longtime and new supporters alike, valued partners such as FreshDirect, and devoted volunteers. Of the many warming contributions, we wanted to share with you this particularly inspiring appeal from our friend and fellow hunger fighter, the talented Chef Robert Irvine (The Food Network, The Next Iron Chef, Dinner: Impossible). We thank Chef Irvine, as well as our supporters, for continuing to spread the word during this serious time.


Chef Robert Irvine posted this message on his website in response to the critical dry food shortage Philabundance is experiencing.


Philabundance is one of the largest distributor of food aid to the under-privileged in the Philadelphia area. Recently, the needs of their network of hunger relief shelters have nearly doubled leaving their dry food stock close to depleted.  A number of issues such as rising food prices, high gas prices and declining donated dry food in volume and variety have compounded making it increasingly difficult for Philabundance to secure and provide enough food to feed the people who need it most. The situation has gotten so bad that one of their community food centers was not able to open its doors for the first time in 20 years.

This represents a serious threat to the nutritional needs of people in these communities. Or to put it another way, people are going hungry. I know that most people do the majority of their charitable work and donating during the holiday season, but this is a crisis that needs support NOW! Please, donate whatever you can now.

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