2010 Harvester of Hope Award

Philabundance decided to thank both an individual and corporation for making working to drive hunger from their communities.  For our corporate recognition, Philabundance awarded Vanguard with the 2010 Harvester of Hope Award.  During their “All Cans On Deck,” drive this year, they collected almost 30,000 pounds of food, making them our largest corporate drive this year!

The individual recipient of the Harvester of Hope Award was Patrick Donovan of Havertown, PA for his his second annual baby formula drive. The eighteen-year old deaf, autistic philanthropist was captivated by a news piece about newborn babies in need and felt the need to help. As a result, he collected 532 pounds of assorted baby products, including formula, diapers and baby food. He is a shining example of how a passionate individual can make a huge difference.

Philabundance is lucky to have such committed and passionate supporters.

The Harvester of Hope Award is given by Philabundance in recognition of those individuals or organizations who are leading the way in the spirit of fighting hunger and helping our neighbors throughout the Delaware Valley. Through their efforts, these people and organization are setting an example of how each of us can make a difference in our community. Their spirit of giving is shown through their initiative to do something for others without personal gain.

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