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Because hunger is community wide problem that requires a community wide solution, Philabundance is constantly working on new initiatives to provide access to food throughout the Delaware Valley. Our seasonal gleaning program is a unique way to increase the amount of produce available for distribution to our agencies.

In 2012, Philabundance began exploring different ways local farms and members of our agricultural community could partner to increase the amount of accessible produce. Since the program started, four farms and one student garden have committed to donating surplus produce, providing local families with fresh food. During FY13, our gleaning program, combined with Share the Harvest, collected 118,968 lbs of fresh produce.

Volunteers are crucial to the success of the gleaning program. Without their donation of time, the surplus produce would go to waste. In 2013, 267 volunteers made donations possible by participating in our gleaning program, which spans from June through late  September.

Over the past three years, AT Buzby Farms has teamed up with Philabundance through our seasonal gleaning program.¬†Eric Buzby, owner of Buzby Farms, explains the power of gleaning and why he is proud to be part of Philabundance’s agricultural initiative.