Heat or Eat? Clients Face Tough Choices During Winter Months

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on January 19th, 2016

CSFP Client Amanda Harper

Heat or eat? This winter millions of individuals like Amanda, pictured above, face this tough choice.

Amanda was born and raised in Chester, PA; a wife, mother, grandmother and retired nurse’s aide, she worked the majority of her life until her rheumatoid arthritis became debilitating and her husband passed away, leaving her facing financial challenges.

Today, to ease the burden of her utility and medical bills, Amanda relies on Philabundance, and its non-profit grocery store in Chester, Fare & Square, for food resources. She shares that while they help her “to survive,” some seniors may not seek support for fear of humiliation. “I think a lot of seniors are just afraid to say anything because they get laughed at or people make fun of them.”

Amanda represents the 13,500 seniors served weekly by Philabundance, many of whom face especially tough choices in the winter, like whether to “heat or eat.” When you support Philabundance, you not only help put a meal on the table, but also take a hard decision off the plate of people like Amanda.

Watch Amanda on 6ABC Action News.

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