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Helen Carrafa’s high spirits have gained her the reputation among her friends as “Happy, Hugging Helen.” One would never guess by the smile on her face that this Pennsville, N.J. senior citizen faces a daily struggle to make sure she has enough to eat.

Helen worked hard her whole life. Both she and her late husband held jobs and made a good living while they raised their five children. Once they grew older, they retired and were left to rely on Social Security. When Helen’s husband passed away, she moved into low-income senior housing, but found that ends still did not meet. Like most of the 1 in 6 senior citizens in need, Helen had to choose between paying for food or for housing and medical care. That is where Philabundance came in.

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Helen started going to the Philabundance Fresh For All in Penns Grove where each week she gets fresh fruits, vegetables and bread. She calls this food a life-saver.

“If I didn’t have Philabundance, then I’d probably be out in the street or starving or getting in dumpsters for something to eat,” Helen said.

Helen definitely makes the most out of everything Philabundance gives her. She freezes anything she doesn’t use right away so that nothing gets wasted. She may not have a lot, but thanks to Philabundance, she has enough, and that keeps a smile on Happy, Hugging Helen’s face.