Hunger Symposium 2012 – About Food Sourcing

The Challenge

When they were founded over 30 years ago, Philabundance and other food banks were built on three assumptions: that there would always be a surplus of donated food available for those in need, that food pantries would be the only final stage distribution strategy necessary for those in need, and that hunger would be confined only to densely populated urban areas and some rural pockets.

These assumptions are no longer true. Food prices have risen 25% in our region in the past decade. Hunger is spreading, and Philabundance now serves 65,000 people every week. The need has grown, and the old food sourcing system isn’t enough.

Food banks and those who rely on them have been hit by a perfect storm. More efficient manufacturing and retail practices have reduced surplus food availability. Economic recession and changing weather patterns have impacted food supply. Rising fuel costs have made it more expensive to transport food. Together, these changes mean that food donations are down, the cost of food is up, and hunger has spread to new locations.

Working towards food sourcing solutions, together: The Hunger Symposium

New problems need new solutions. We need to come together to find new ways to source food, and new ways to distribute healthy products. That’s where the Hunger Symposium comes in. Our speakers and panelists will go in depth to explore the new challenges of food sourcing, and the innovative ways that these challenges are being met. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the issues, what is being done to address them, and what they can do to make a difference.


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