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Meet Irene Bartow, a Bucks County senior citizen who can’t afford to buy the food she needs to survive.

70-year-old Irene Bartow worked all of her life as a bookkeeper. her husband was a steelworker. But when he died a year and a half ago, she lost both him and his pension.

“There was a lot of things that I had to cut down on. I had to put my health insurance to a minimum. It was a struggle,” said Irene Bartow.

She gave up her house and moved in with her son until an apartment opened up in a public housing complex for low income seniors.

That’s where she learned about Philabundance.

The agency gives out more than 9,000 boxes of food a month to help low-income seniors like Irene keep their kitchens stocked.

“They’re great. Without them, I’d starve,” said Bartow.

Bartow tells Action News, Philabundance supplies her with items that she literally could not afford otherwise.

She supplements her senior boxes with $2 lunches at the senior center and bargains at the Dollar Store. Her only income, at this point, is social security.

“People like me, and I know there’s a lot of us, we need it. We really need this to survive,” said Bartow.

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