Irving and Mary Help Provide a Food Safety Net

Posted by Philabundance on March 2nd, 2017

Caring friends choose to help drive hunger from our communities for a variety of reasons. Some can’t stand the idea of their fellow neighbor going hungry, others feel a moral duty to help provide access to consistent nutrition. For people like Irving and Mary Tyler, generosity stems from personal experience.

During Irving’s early childhood, his parents worked multiple jobs to provide for their growing family, and sometimes skipped meals so he and his sister could eat. Mary grew up in a large family near the Texas-Mexico border and remembers how hard her parents worked to stretch their food budget with big, lasting meals.

Their early experiences spurred the couple’s compassion for their neighbors at risk of missing meals. When they saw fellow members of their community struggle following Hurricane Sandy, they began supporting Philabundance to help distribute nutritious food across the Delaware Valley.

“You read stories about families who become homeless due to a hurricane or job loss — suddenly they go from stability to dependent on others,” Irving says.

The couple believes it’s the obligation of those who have abundance to share it with people who are struggling. Irving works for a global information technology firm, and he and Mary have always put money aside to help those in need. They made an effort to teach their four daughters the importance of hard work and giving back to the community while they were growing up.

Because their girls entered the workforce during our country’s recent economic recession, Irving and Mary understand how hard young people must work these days to establish themselves financially.

“If our economy is going to take care of everybody, those who are able to give back have that responsibility,” Irving says. “We need to contribute when we can because someday, we may need it.”

Philabundance is truly fortunate to have partners like Irving and Mary — and you! — who understand how vital donor support is to the well-being of our community. Thank you for your gracious gifts!

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