Is Anyone Alive Out There?

Posted by on March 12th, 2012

I guess it’s possible you’re not a Springsteen fan.  Passionate songs about running for our lives at night on them backstreets, about Rosalita jumping a little lighter, about waiting for the badlands to start treating us good, songs like these aren’t your thing.  You can do without the three hour marathon concerts, the Boss sliding across the stage on his knees, soaked in sweat and hammering the strings of his guitar, the Big Man (may he rest in peace) blowing his horn to the heavens, the ecstatic crowd hanging on every note, dancing and singing and fully alive.

I confess; I love Springsteen.  I’m a sucker for songs about chasing after hope and redemption in tough times.  His music speaks to the indomitable spirit that Philabundance sees in our customers every day, the women and men across the Delaware Valley working hard to get by, families taking care of each other and watching out for their neighbors.

Philabundance is proud to once again partner with Bruce Springsteen to fight hunger, and we’re counting on you coming out of the backstreets to lend us a hand.  If you failed to score a ticket for his March 29th show at the Wells Fargo Center, we’re auctioning off two pairs here as well as passes to the E Street Lounge.  Why line a scalper’s pockets when that extra money can go to providing meals for our struggling neighbors? Place your best bid here! In the month of March, you can also immerse yourself in Springsteen by going to the Constitution Center’s exhibit From Asbury Park to the Promised Land and bringing a food donation.

Springsteen asks his audience “Is anyone alive out there?”  We know the answer, right?

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