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A few years ago, things were going pretty well for Upper Darby resident, Jeff Dillihay. He had a job that allowed him to support his wife and five kids. Then he was in a truck accident and everything changed.

Jeffrey was badly injured in the accident, leaving him unable to work or do much of anything else. Since he had to stop working, money became a concern making it hard to afford enough food.  That’s where Philabundance’s Fresh For All helped out.

Not only did the Fresh For All provide Jeffrey with healthy produce which kept him fed and helped his body heal from the accident, but it also provided him with a support system.

“I started coming to the Fresh For All and met a lot of nice people who were always happy to see me.” That support was huge in keeping his spirits high during his recovery.

Thankfully, Jeffrey has recovered well from his truck accident, but times are still tough for him and his family. The accident left Jeffrey in a poor condition for working, so he had to retire.  Money is often still tight and the question of whether he’ll have enough food still arises. For that reason, Jeffrey remains grateful for Philabundance and the Fresh For All program.