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Joe Mitsouras has a lot on his plate. He and his wife, Melinda, have six kids which keeps their schedule very busy. Melinda is studying hard to excel in graduate school while Joe is focusing on his career. What they don’t have is enough food for his family.

Trying to feed a family of eight is hard for anyone in the current economy, but it got even harder for Joe when he recently lost his job. “I was the district manager for a retail company, but with the bad economy, they had to make cuts.”

Watch Joe Mitsoura’s story on 6ABC’s Faces of Hunger series:

A challenge for Joe is not just finding enough food to feed his family, but finding food that is good for them, as well. His wife is a vegan, and both she and Joe want to raise their children on nutritious, wholesome foods to help them grow stronger, stay more focused in school and be healthier all around. “It becomes a question of how do you fill their plates with foods that aren’t bad for them?”

With fruits and vegetables often being more expensive than other foods, this is a tough question for a lot of people to answer. One thing that has helped Joe is Philabundance’s Fresh For All program. Joe goes once a week to the Somerdale location to pick up free fresh produce from Philabundance. It allows him to give his family food he feels good about them eating, and helps them to get by while Joe searches for a new job.