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Fresh For All

Locations are determined based on need and
access to fresh produce. Some sites are in partnership with an area agency or
business.  FFA is like a traveling farmers market that set up at the same location every week at the same time so local residents can rely on the availability. To receive produce, neighbors are asked for basic household information to maintain program reporting and funding, but neighbors do not need to qualify for the program, and participating in  FFA does not affect other benefits received. More than 13,000 households were served by this initiative in FY 2013.

FFA-3FFA also offers volunteer opportunities allowing a hands-on and interactive experience with communities benefiting from the program. Volunteers are needed to help set up and distribute produce, among other tasks. Each weekly location requires 10-15 volunteers, whose involvement is an integral part of not only distribution, but also community building.

For more information on volunteering at Fresh For All, call (215) 339-0900 or email

For information on current Fresh For All distributions and/or cancellations, call 215-220-1920.

Fresh For All locations