Letters: Working families need a raise

News Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Working families need a raise

Benjamin Jealous’ commentary struck a chord with Philabundance and the Coalition Against Hunger, as agencies that serve countless people who are working – often more than one job – and still struggling to make ends meet.

In the majority of the households we serve, at least one person has held a job in the last year. From child-care and home-care workers who spend all day taking care of people, to restaurant and fast-food workers who spend their days helping to feed others, many come home to an empty refrigerator and a hungry family. Their wages, combined with limited or nonexistent benefits and sick leave, make it impossible to cover all of the basics – housing, utilities, transportation, health-care, child-care, and food. Food is often the first part of a budget people in need cut, so they end up at our network of food pantries and soup kitchens.

We agree that “a full-time job should be enough to keep a family above the poverty line.” We stand with working families who desperately need a higher minimum wage.

Glenn Bergman, executive director, Philabundance, and Laura Wall, executive director, Coalition Against Hunger, Philadelphia

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