Local Food Pantries team up to freshen things up

News Source: The Reporter Online

In the doldrums of winter, before spring kicks into full gear, fresh produce isn’t on everyone’s mind. On Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., three local food pantries reminded shoppers at the ShopRite in Hatfield of its necessity and scarcity on their shelves.
The Nutrition Coalition, a network of local food providers working together to increase access to healthier food and nutrition education, handed out shopping lists to interested shoppers entering the ShopRite store. Potatoes, green beans, onions, apples, oranges and bananas were among list items the pantries were looking for.
“Our clients are so thrilled when they come in and see fresh produce to choose from,” Janet Hague, of the Emmanuel E.C. Church food cupboard in Hatfield.

 It seemed nearly every shopper came out with something to add to the collection. Volunteers, directors and board members from Manna on Main Street, a soup kitchen and food pantry in Lansdale, and Keystone Opportunity Center, a food pantry in Souderton, were on hand to discuss their programs.
Babita Zaveri, a Manna board member, also works at Univest in the same shopping center.

 “I’ve been seeing a lot of my customers,” Zaveri said. “They like to hear that the food stays right here in our own communities.”

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