Making It Easy to Give Back During Thanksgiving

Posted by Russ Reid on November 16th, 2011

Our staff blogger extraordinaire and author of this blog, Shira Rosenwald, gearing up to provide some virtual meals to those in need!

You may call it “Thanksgiving Season”, but at food banks across the country, we call it “Busy Season”.

That’s because when people start thinking about a lovely meal with family and friends, they inevitably start thinking about all of those in need and are looking for a way to give back to the community.

Well, with the help of some amazing corporate partners and Feeding America, there are some free (or really inexpensive) ways to give a meal. So over the next week, if you have a few extra minutes in between doing work, stalking your ex on facebook and catching up on your favorite blogs (like this one, of course), here are some easy ways to give back:

Susquehanna Bank – #Tweet2Feed

  • Just visit @SusquehannaBank and click “Follow” and they’ll pledge 10 meals to Philabundance
  • Click “Retweet” to share a #Tweet2Feed update with your followers and they’ll add on an additional 5 meals.


  • If you “like” the Susquehanna page on Facebook, they will donate 10 meals to Philabundance
  • If you “share” a Tweet2Feed story (that Susquehanna Bank will be posting throughout the campaign on Facebook), they will donate 5 meals.

Dunkin Philly on Facebook

  • From now through December 31st, for every NEW like to Dunkin Philly on Facebook, Dunkin Donuts will donate $1 to Philabundance, equivalent to 2 meals, up to $10,000. Be sure to spread the word!

Bank of America – Give
Double your gift online:

  • For every $1 donated through Bank of America will give $2.
  • Don’t forget Philabundance! Be sure to select that the donation go to your local food bank.

Kraft Foods – Huddle to Fight Hunger

  • Take the quiz on Kraft’s new Facebook page and you’ll be prompted to enter their zip code, which will generate a one meal donation to Philabundance (or your local foodbank).

Walmart – 12 Days of Giving:

  • Through Nov. 30, visit Walmart’s Facebook page to nominate Philabundance for the “12 Days of Giving.” by submitting a 200-word description
  • A panel from the Walmart Foundation will review submissions and select the winners which will be announced on Facebook daily from Dec. 12 to Dec. 23.

BJ’s Feeding Communities

  • Through December 31, 2011, “like” or “share” the BJ’s Feeding Communities page and an additional $1 donation will be made by BJ’s Charitable Foundation to Feeding America and local food banks.

Groupon Now – $1 Lunch Give Back Day
Lunch for a cause online:

  • On Friday, 11/18, we will be part of a special deal on “Groupon Now,” a flash site that enables customers to buy a Groupon for $1 that has a same day expiration.
  • Groupon Now! will offer hundreds of lunch deals on demand, all for $1 – so feed yourself and help provide to those in need

Now really, what could be easier than that? Certainly not cleaning up after the Thanksgiving feast – so why not procrastinate and help those in need across the Delaware Valley? Philabundance can provide two meals for a dollar (DONATE), so  express your gratitude during this holiday season by giving back to those who are in need of help and make your Thanksgiving traditions more joyful than they ever have been.

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