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Posted by on September 23rd, 2010

Bill Clark, President and Executive Director of Philabundance, is our fearless leader. He oversees all moving parts of the organization, ensuring that each department has the resources necessary to serve Philabundance’s mission of increasing access to emergency food for those in need. His long history with the food industry and passion for helping struggling families keeps him constantly brainstorming innovative ways to strengthen the hunger safety net. And when he’s not at Philabundance’s drawing board, Bill stays on his toes with a little fencing and photography.

Candace Matthews is Program Manager for the Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK), Philabundance’s adult culinary arts program. Through PCK, Candace and her team encourage self-sufficiency to low-income individuals while providing food to those in need. When she’s not coaching her students into success, Candace can be found in the classroom both as a student in Eastern University’s Community Development Masters Program and as an Instructor of hip hop dance in West Chester. This and being a devoted wife and mother seems to keep Candace pretty busy.


Shira Rosenwald is the Marketing Manager for Philabundance, which means she’s responsible for Philabundance’s print publications and marketing materials, including Philabundance’s quarterly newsletter. Shira also oversees all Philabundance event logistics and details, working to raise awareness of the organization through some of our biggest supporters. When she’s not spending her hours making Philabundance look good, Shira is off to Alex’s Lemonade Stand where she volunteers with their Gala and Young Professionals Group. Any additional free moments and dollars goes towards boosting her title as a self-proclaimed “foodie” – eating at all of the new restaurants, and making the most of Philly’s BYO scene.


Marlo DelSordo is the Director of Marketing & Communications for Philabundance. Marlo oversees the entire marketing department steering the ship for all marketing and media needs- this includes, all print and online efforts as well as all media relationships with Philabundance. When she’s not playing Marketing Queen/Guru, Marlo loads up on all sorts of good music while keeping up with her two young and energetic kids.


Camilia ‘Cami’ Aberra coordinates Philabundance’s online marketing efforts- this includes anything from this very blog to the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts- not to mention our monthly e-newsletter, FreshNews. Camilia also coordinates all things related to the Philabundance website. When she’s not at her online marketing learning post, she’s in a class full of business professional at Rosemont’s MBA program- that and spending time with family and great friends fill up her days


Lindsay Bues is Philabundance’s public relations coordinator. She assists with outreach to local media all over the Delaware Valley, ensuring all of our neighbors are aware of Philabundance’s mission and programs. She is a member of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association and lends her extra time to family and friends.


Kelly Courts is the Director of all Direct Service programs at Philabundance. She’s constantly strategizing how best to increase access to the communities we serve in the Delaware Valley- spending much of her time traveling to our direct service sites in our 9 county service area. And when she’s not running to a Fresh For All (FFA) or Community Food Center (CFC) location, she cools down with a good historical fiction novel coupled with a Spanish lesson here and there.


Jenna Linke manages all box programs at Philabundance, that includes CSFP/senior boxes serving low-income seniors and Emergency food boxes, serving low-income individuals in need of immediate relief. Perhaps one of our most accomplished travelers, Jenna has traveled to 38 states in the US and 9 different countries in the world. Jenna is a big lover of the arts with a talent in playing the piano, singing and all things dance- that includes salsa, country, waltz, and folk to name a few.


Elizabeth Rosenberg is the manager of Food Acquisitions, bridging the relationship between Philabundance and various food industry companies. Her work helps secure millions of pounds in food donations that essentially supply all Philabundance agencies and direct service programs. Originally from Portland, Oregon Elizabeth can’t go a day without professing her obsession with the Portland Trail Blazers. Elizabeth enjoys sleeping in on the weekends, watching and playing sports, reading military and presidential biographies and the opportunity to work with her wonderful Philabundance colleagues.


George Matysik, our Deputy Director of Policy and Planning works to develop new initiatives, partnerships, and policy positions. George is a lifelong Philadelphian who enjoys watching cooking shows while eating rice-a-roni, and commenting anonymously on the blog posts of his colleagues. He serves on boards and committees for the Pennsylvania Resources Council, Mercy Vocational High School, and the Women’s Community Revitalization Project, leading us to believe he’s a tad more compassionate than he lets on.


Kendra Mariassy , Program Manager of the Community Food Center (CFC) Program, oversees the full scope of the program’s operation, ensuring that the program meets the need of the community in the West Kensington and Fair Hill area.  Kendra’s past experience includes working with other homeless advocacy organizations like Covenant House and the Bethesda project. When she’s not at Philabundance, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and has been known to bake a mean apple pie.


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