Moving? Drive Out Hunger from Home

As a commitment to my community and the fight to end food poverty, I am
partnering with Philabundance to increase funding for their vital programs. As
a real estate agent in Philadelphia, I will donate 3% or $50, whichever is
greater, from every rental, purchase or sale completed. All you have to do is
mention this event when we meet! I look forward to helping you buy or rent the
home of your dreams.logo1

Looking to move out? Listings count for donations as well. Same applies if  you refer me to anyone looking for services, they just have to mention Philabundance and the donations will be made accordingly. I look forward to joining you in the fight against hunger.

Please feel free to contact me:
Landry Nguema
215-MY-CONDO, ext. 340 (office)
201-951-4440 (cell)


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