National Volunteer Week 2016: Philabundance Staff and Causes They Care About

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on April 13th, 2016

More than 20,000 individual volunteers help offset Philabundance annual costs by $1.5 million. Our staff know just how vital volunteers can be to an organization and that’s why they donate their time and talent to other organizations through our Staff Volunteer Program and on their own time, too. Here’s a sampling of causes they care about:

Emma Kornetsky Staff Volunteer

Emma Kornetsky, Government Relations Associate: “I coach soccer to U-9 girls in the Kensington Soccer Club. It is a way to get to know my neighbors as well as provide my expertise and time for the benefit of the community (which provides me with so much!).”

Melanie Cataldi, COO: “I volunteer weekly at the Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT) City Animal Shelter. Giving back to me is important because, in this case, I know how many animals end up at the city shelter every day and animals need people advocating on their behalf. Every time I volunteer, I’m helping to get an animal out of the shelter and on to a better life.”

Jackie Cooley Staff VolunteerJackie Cooley, Driver: “I volunteer at a local convalescent home as well as a local Veteran’s Association. I provide rides when someone needs it. I also spend time playing chess and checkers with some of the older vets. I have a love for people, and these people gave a lot to ensure our freedom.”

Julia Gales, Senior Manager – Institutional Development: “I volunteer at Camden City Hall – Bureau of Grants Management and the Camden County Women’s Center (CCWC) where I review and score submitted grants for organizations who help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I give financially to the CCWC for women with children who have left their homes due to domestic violence and assault. Giving back is important to me because I am compelled to help women and children who believe all is lost.”

Jenna Linke Staff Volunteer

Jenna Linke, Senior Manager – Community Food Programs: “I volunteer at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Glenside where I serve on the Vestry, assist with Worship, sing in the choir and represent our church at the local annual Diocesan Convention. My church is a wonderful support system for me and my family in a multitude of ways and so I want to give back to it when I can, and use my talents to make it stronger so they’re able to help others as well.”

Robin Moore, Dispatch Supervisor: “In the past I’ve volunteered during the 6abc holiday food drive telethon benefitting Philabundance. Giving back is important to me because it’s rewarding and gratifying when I can give back to help the mission beyond my daily work.”

Melissa Black-Simmons Staff Volunteer

Melissa Simmons, Manager – Member Capacity Building: “Giving back is important to me because it’s a fun way to participate in our community! It’s a great way to meet new friends and get involved in something larger than yourself. I volunteer at Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild where I am the secretary of their board of directors and serve on the development committee; when I can, I physically get down to the ships and help with painting, tarring, docent work, sailing and more! (By the way, the organization is looking for more volunteers!)”

Peter W. Slattery, Business Process Improvement Manager: “I volunteer at The Arden Craft Shop Museum where I serve as Vice President of the board and assist in exhibitions, renovations and other projects. Giving back is important to me because improving the world around me, improves the world inside me.”

Mark Wilson, VP of Finance & CFO: “I volunteer at Boys Scouts of America and Delaware County Christian School because I love the missions of these organizations.”

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