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Nicola Buckley is the kind of person who cares for others. The 22 year-old from Upper Darby just completed her schooling to become a nurse, and will soon work full time in the medical profession. But, her passion for caring for others goes way beyond nursing.

After Nicola’s grandmother retired, she had trouble affording enough food to eat each week, until she was introduced to Philabundance’s Fresh For All program. Like a traveling farmers market, clients are able to get fresh produce each week free of charge.  But as Nicola’s grandmother got older, it became more and more difficult for her to go the Fresh For All herself. Well aware of the importance of fresh food, and the integral part the food played in her grandmothers diet, Nicola stepped up and started going for her each week.

“The Fresh For All gives her enough food for the entire week, and it’s healthy food,” says Nicola. She explained how the produce at the grocery stores is too expensive for her grandmother to afford. If it weren’t for the Fresh For All, her grandmother would hardly be able to eat fresh produce at all.

After seeing the impact the program has had on her grandmother, Nicola realized how many people in her community could use this kind of help.

“There are a lot of people around here who aren’t on food stamps, but still need help affording food. I have made it my goal to spread the word about Philabundance. It helps so many people.”

Today, Nicola has many family and friends who are able benefit from the program who were previously having trouble finding food. Nicola appreciates the service Philabundance has provided to her loved ones and to her community. As a person who cares for others, she likes seeing an organization, like Philabundance, doing the same.