No Donation Too Small

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on May 25th, 2017

by Glenn Bergman, Executive Director of Philabundance

I am always amazed at how much produce comes in to Philabundance from the Produce Center, the Port of Philadelphia, our grocery – retail store partners, and our farmers in the summer months. On Thursday, May 11th, we received a donation of 350 pounds of amazing farm product. This is perhaps one of the smallest donations of fresh vegetables we receive, but it is just as meaningful, especially when I tell you who gave it to us, where it came from, and the amazing people behind the food.

The food came from a farm one block from Philabundance next to the I-95 southbound lane at the end of Lawerence Street. The farm is located on the Novick Brother’s property. The Novick family has been running a wholesale food distribution company for many years and has given up some of their land to a farmer by the name of Adam Forbes. Adam came to Philadelphia about 8 years ago and has been working with Weavers Way Community Programs farming at the Stenton Manor Shelter, Martin Luther King High School and most recently has been working with immigrants in South Philly with urban farms.

Adam has been donating excess produce to Philabundance when he can. The boxes in the picture are his entire delivery, but look at the quality of the bok choy and radishes. This product arrived on Thursday afternoon in our warehouse and will be in the bags of people by Friday morning and afternoon at our Fresh For All free farmer’s market.


Total haul from Novick Brothers Frams

Fresh bok choy from Novick Brothers Farm heading to Fresh For All

Fresh bok radishes Novick Brothers Farm heading to Fresh For All


People like Adam donate to Philabundance not because they have to, but because they understand the impact that fresh product has on the health of people – especially those in need of food, who need healthy food even more. We at Philabundance want to encourage all of our urban and rural farmers to think about how we can partner together in our region. For more information on our gleaning and agricultural initiatives please contact Monika at 215-339-0900 x 1098. Last year Monika acquired about 300,000 pounds of food through our farmers. We want to continue to grow this program with our farm partners this year.

Thank you to Adam and volunteers at the Novick farm.

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