Older Neighbors, Like Kat, Access Quality Food

Posted by Philabundance on March 2nd, 2017

When Kat, 68, transitioned to a fixed income three years ago, she began having a hard time affording food on top of her insurance costs and medical expenses. Kat worked in the nonprofit sector for 25 years and loved her job as the director of grants for a local community college.

“I was planning on working for a while,” she says.

But due to a chronic medical condition, over time, Kat was no longer healthy enough to keep working and eventually retired.

Making her monthly Social Security checks stretch to include healthy groceries became a challenge for Kat — nutritious produce was simply out of her budget at the store. And because she has hypertension, her diet needs to include fresh, whole foods.

Fortunately, Kat went online and found out about The Open Link, a Philabundance agency in Montgomery County, PA that’s consistently stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Kat said the food she received was contributing to her health and well-being by allowing her to prepare balanced meals.

Your gifts mean seniors like Kat can stay active and have a healthy lifestyle. Kat loves spending time with her five grandchildren and cooking them healthy meals, like hearty stews. She also teaches them about nutrition and responsibility through her herb garden — she wants them to appreciate where their food comes from.

Kat expressed true gratitude for your support of Philabundance. When asked what she’d want to say to the donors who help make healthy food options available to her, Kat cracked a wide smile.

“Thanks!” she says. “[The pantry] is really helpful! It leaves money for other things.”

Your generosity changes lives every day. On behalf of seniors like Kat, thank you for helping us feed neighbors in need!

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