Over 100,000 Meals Donated in Annual Food Drive

By Brian Taff
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PHILADELPHIA – January 27, 2012 (WPVI) — On Friday, the donated goods raised during the 6ABC/Dunkin Donuts Holiday Food Drive, were distributed.

At first glance, it appeared to be an anonymous truck but to countless families its contents would prove to be live-saving.

“We can feel the real results in our community. We can see them,” said Bernie Prazenica, President of 6ABC.
Months of donations resulted in two tractor trailers full of food – enough to provide 172,390 meals to families in need.

“Partnering with Channel 6, Philabundance, Dunkin Donuts and others to meet the need reminds us all that we really do have a higher purpose,” said Dan Sanders, President of ACME Markets.

Since November, 6ABC and its corporate partners have been raising awareness about hunger in our community, along with raising money and food to fight it.

At Acme Markets, our viewers donated $36,000, and 35,000 pounds of groceries and at Dunkin Donuts, another $10,000 worth of donations was collected.

Through the Boy Scouts collecting goods at the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and door-to-door equally bigger donations resulted.

“On one day, they took about a million bags donated by 6ABC and went out all over the community. The next Saturday they came back and collected all that food,” said Brian Burkhard, representing the Boy Scouts.

It added up to more than 30,000 items of food for Philabundance and this year, they say there are more people than ever before who need it.

“One of the things that people don’t realize with hunger is that it’s a lonely feeling,” said Marlo DelSordo.

Half of those who meet the definition of hungry do not meet the technical definition of poor. For the first time 47 percent of hungry households earn too much money to qualify for food stamps.

For them, and countless others, campaigns like this are a lifeline. As long as the need exists, our efforts to help will continue.

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